MuscleGrid is a Trademark of Electronics Bay.

The Story of MuscleGrid is inspiring in itself. MuscleGrid is the manufacturer of India’s best power solution products and service, it provides all the various varieties of stabilizers. The MuscleGrid designed stabilizers are available for all the appliances in your home to give better facilities with good output results. All stabilizers are made with pride in INDIA.


Our Story

MuscleGrid started its offline operations in October 2021 where it had the reach to local markets only.

After receiving the overwhelming response from the offline market, the flow took the company to the online market to reach to thousands of customers.


MuscleGrid is the only organization in India which provides top notch quality stabilizers yet in affordable rates. In-fact, MuscleGrid has the most efficient cost available in the entire market.

Our goal is to reach to the maximum users and help them in eradicating the voltage fluctuation problems from the country which will eventually increase the life cycle of electronic appliances and at the same time, save a lot of electricity units.


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